coverpage-3TZANETOS ENGINEERING has pioneered in the entire spectrum of construction based on the principles of sustainable development.

Based in our owned offices in Athens our activities span all over Greece. With years of experience we cover the entire constructional cycle and undertake projects of any scale, of private and public character, such as residences, listed buildings, churches, bell towers, stone-built and modern bridges, industrial facilities, banks, shopping malls, dams, educational institutions, shopping centers, hospitals, shops, marine works and museums. Specializing in reinforcement works we have implemented demanding and complex projects in the field of masonry, concrete, metal and wooden structures, sealing, propping, fireproofing and underpinning. Also, the company elaborates supervisions and studies that embraces the construction and always selects the value for money solution.

Distinctiveness of TZANETOS ENGINEERING constitutes the diversity of the projects combined with the difficult conditions of their execution such as inaccessible areas, high altitude and underwater. Many of these projects are carried out for the first time in this way and they cannot be repeated because of the specific techniques and conditions. Contributing to the progress done in our field, but also assessing older techniques, which are again apropos, we balance between technology and tradition by choosing the optimum technique in each case and always respecting the existing construction.

The examination of the whole spectrum of construction with know-how, the analysis of risk, the accurate costing, the presentation of alternatives, as well as the successful execution of projects, entrusted to us, has created an excellent background with exclusively successful partnerships and pleased customers.

The company’s team consists of longtime, vastly experienced employees of various specialties, such as engineers, foremen and craftsmen technically skilled and certified for refinery operations and high risk works, where we have a continuous presence since 1982.

The facilities of our owned mechanical equipment is in Megara, where we have our permanent machinery maintenance base. The equipment is constantly updated, in order to create patterns, that are necessary for the implementation of specific technical projects and not commercially available. Our pioneering know-how in combination with our equipment has led to the successful construction of injection-, anchoring- and propping- systems, as well as the implementation of specialized projects without the presence of third parties.